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Default Comment Thread for HIS Radeon HD3870 Review

ATI's "new" card has arrived!! It has some initial teething problems but the potential is definately there. And it has a price to LOVE!!

I even popped in some initial Crossfire testing for you guys.

You can read the review here: HIS Radeon HD3870 Review & Crossfire Performance Preview

Please post on this thread any questions, comments, rants and raves that you may have.


If you remember, the review states that with the stock cooler installed Catalyst control does not allow me to overclock the card past 860Mhz on the core without Catalyst locking up or the screen going purple, blue or white when I try to accept any core clock over 860Mhz.

With the DuOrb reducing temperatures by nearly half I was expecting a bit more overclocking headroom. Well, I was wrong.

Well, here are some more results:

AMD GPU Clock: Lock-up after accepting clock of 865MHz
Rivatuner: Lock-up after accepting clock of 865Mhz
Catalyst: Lock-up after accepting clock of 865Mhz

Considering the card runs without ANY artifacts at 860Mhz, there should be at least a little headroom left...especially at lower temperatures brought on by the DuOrb. With these results I am thinking that it is the BIOS of the HD3870 that is stopping me from clocking any higher. Whether there is insufficient voltage or something else, 860MHz seems to be the limit for now.

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