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I now have tried all 3 sticks of RAM individually and to no avail.
the mem test i shall save for later

Then i tried using my older computer's Hard drive and boot up with it. and everything seemed fine... oO

and i had forgotten to write that i changed everything to default settings
but oddly enough, i still get the message saying like "Bad Overclock, press F1 to go to setup and F2 to load default settings"
and i just pressed F2.

i got impatient, so i reformated my computer again (its in the process of.)
cause i realised that friday night i installed a web cam driver, and saturday morning it went crazy o.o

do you think its possible that a webcam driver can cripple an entire system to the point where that loading windows becomes an impossible task...?

just wondering.. if it was a dead mobo, or a bad psu.. wouldnt the entire system not get past POST at all.? ^o)

and thanks =)
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