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First of all, you seem to be lacking an aftermarket heatsink. Look at the Coolermaster Hyper 212.

You RAM is indeed quite expensive and the possible added benefits are much lower than your justifications for the CPU. I would suggest going for those G.Skill Ripjaws DDR3-1600 2x2gb.

I do not agree that 2 4870 beat a single 5870. The power consumption, the heat are likely to be fairly bigger with the 2 4870 compared to the 5870. Also, Crossfire is better in some cases, but not all of them. Finally, with the 5870, the minimum FPS is higher where it really counts(see the review at HWC for titles like Crysis, Dawn of War). In most of the other titles, its true that the X2 4870 wins, but to me its meaningless wins. 81 FPS vs 70(those are made up numbers) isn't all that important, but 22 vs 10, 18 vs 6, that is totally changing the game. 22FPS or 18FPS is pretty crappy (its what the 5870 gets), but 10 or 6 is A LOT worst(what the x2 4870 gets).

I would also suggest getting a WD caviar Black HDD. For reliability, speed, warranty.

A case is really a personnal choice. Lian-Li cases are great(or so I hear, never owned one), but the one you want to get seems to be fairly old. It is limited to 80mm fans which are likely to be a fair bit noisier than 120mm fans if you plan to overclock or even if you don't. Here a few suggestions for fairly clean looking cases.
Antec P183
Antec P180 mini (would need to change your mobo)
Lancool PC-K62
Lian-Li PC-9
I also like the look of these, but not really sure how good they are:
NZXT Hush Quiet
NZXT Whisper Silent

Well that's it for now... It gives you a few things to look at.
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