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My System Specs


Well the HD4350 also has some better post-processing video options too which will help make things look better.

As for heatsink swap, the price of the HD4350 would be the same or less than a heatsink, so choice is yours. If you still want gaming capability, a HD4650/70 would be more capable of doing so, while still being pretty low power/heat/noise.

And I have no idea what kind of sound system you have, or what kind of media you're playing back, but stereo audio wouldn't be my choice. I'd want digital of sorts to get 5.1+.

HTPCs generally should be nearly silent so that the sound of fans doesn't overcome that of what you're watching, or you have to turn up the volume ridiculously high just to hear all those whispering parts in movies. Though of course, this is totally up to you.
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