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I did the best I could. The prices there are pretty high. And do not include operation system(You could surely look at getting a subscription at Technet, but I do not know much about it, someone else could surely help you). You do not have monitors, mouse or keyboards either. I also lowered from the Phenom II X2 550 to the 545 for 20$ cheaper, if you don't overclock, they will perform almost the same.

I tried to go as cheap as possible on the PSU(included with the Antec case), without going too cheap otherwise you'd have some problems.

I did not include a discrete graphic card for budget purpose. The integrated GPU should be enough to play Aion, but not enough to meet recommended settings. Playing Wow wouldn't be a problem.

Anyway here are my suggestions.

AMD Phenom II X2 545 119.90
Gigabyte GA-M85M-US2H 87.00
Antec NSK 4480-II 113.30
Seagate barracuda 320gb 57.00
Corsair DDR2 2x2gb 97.90
Samsung DVD writer
Total 543.10
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