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Talking Family Guy New Build

After the frustration of being ripped off and being sold 5 yr old stock from retail outlets I have come to the realization that building my own PC could be a very rewarding option. And so I am reaching out to the tech community for your help.

I am looking to build a PC for each of my four children and myself, 5 in total. I have a budget of up to $600 per unit. What I am asking for is your help choosing parts. Using the following website, could you please suggest which compatible parts I should buy.

Firstly I should mention that I am interested in AMD Phenom II X2 Dual Core 550 3.1GHz 7MB Cache (AM3/ AM2+/ AM2*) - Black Edition, so any suggestions you could advise to go along with this processor would be great.

My children play online MMORPG's like WoW and Aion. We use Sonic foundry music software and Ulead video studio plus for home video editing, but nothing professional, just family fun use.

We live in Melbourne Australia and the website above represents the average prices available in this country. And after comparing their prices to the big retail outlets I know I'll be saving alot of money and getting better quality by building my own PC with your help.

I know it's a bit of a big ask for you to look into this for me, but you have no idea how appreciative I will be.

Thanks and I look forward to your suggestions.
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