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Default $200 Linux PC @ Wal-Mart Sells Out!

I thought that this was interesting...

"About a week ago Wal-Mart began selling a $200 Linux machine running on a 1.5 ghz VIA C7 processor and 512 MB of RAM. While the specs are useless for Vista, it works blazingly fast on Ubuntu with the Enlightenment Window Manager. The machine is now officially sold out of their online warehouses (it may still be available in some stores). And the product sales page at is full of glowing reviews from new and old Linux users alike."

Slashdot | Wal-Mart's $200 Linux PC Sells Out

I'm not at all a fan of Wal Mart and refuse to shop there but it is interesting to note that they have successfully marketed a Linux PC for the masses. They have triumphed where many have fallen I'll give them that...
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