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In the SoHo (Small Office / Home Office) end of things I truly doubt that you will be able to do it. It is usually only when you get into the server end of the market that you can do that and then you are looking at a much bigger investment. You may be better off getting 2 smaller (and cheaper) ones and getting the software (PowerShute Personal Edition loaded on each computer) to do an graceful shutdown of each system.

Now IF you need to get one to do both APC is the one to get again. When I was doing contract work for Compaq (and then later HP) ALL their server UPS's were APC (to the point where compaq/hp techs would transfer you to APC for any Out Of Warranty replacement!).

A third option is to look around for any used server UPS's (a great place is University's) you may only have to replace a battery (or 12) to get a HUGE ups that will easily handle both comps and let you do network based graceful shutdowns. A few years ago I picked up a honking HUGE 1KW ups that had 9 good batteries and needed only 3 replaced. It worked out that it cost me about $200 total.

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