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My System Specs


Overpriced? hmmm, I guess its how you look at it. in my eyes those cases are pretty much built to perfection.. also they are all aluminum.... ive had my 2 lian-li cases for almost a decade so seems like a deal to me.
as for the I7, ive also had AMD cpu's for what seems like forever, think the last Intel CPU I had was a 266Mhz Pentium, and now I find myself not really that concerned about CPU's more GPU's and how many of those I can cram into a machine.

I was playing around with numbers the other day and did a cost comparison of computing power of the past and came up with this..

I first owned a computer in the very early 80's and paid crazy $$$.. items like a 3" floppy drive... that would have still cost more than say today's high end SSD's.. The drive below held two disks of 156k each! and cost about $800 (so that's like $1600-1700 of today's $$$) also look carefully these are 3" disks not 3.5" you have to be old to have used one of these but seriously at the time, this would be like getting your hands on some new tech like a 1TB SSD

so I figured out the FLOPS of the 4 GTX-295's and converted that to the fastest hardware of different points in time, so the computational power of my current system would have cost $107,308,800,000 in 1984 using Cray's X-MP systems (if they could have made that many).. in 1997 using Pentium Pro's $214,617,000 in 2000 $7,152,920 and then today, well just under $3000.00

anyways whatever I pay for a computer now seems like a bargain! and $400 for a case. its well crafted, made of aluminum, MASSIVE hehehe, when I think back on how much I spent on computers in the past that had cheap polypropylene or ABS plastic shells that turned a gross yellow after a few years I go for the one that's gonna last and looks great.

so again its all how you look at it

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