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Thanks... there's a lot of tricks you can do to make the build come out pretty clean. Just make sure your joints are sound and airtight. What power tools do you have?... a router makes life pretty easy.... that's why I have 5 .

You mention dialogue... I'm assuming these are mainly for HT? If that's the case the TriTrix was also designed to be a center channel too which not all MTM designs can do (well). So if you can swing it build three. The center can be built as the sealed version if you want to keep the box size down since center channels are almost always crossed over at ~100Hz. Curt also made a TM version of these that you can later build for surrounds, it's always nice to have matching stuff.

And just to straighten this out the Recession Destroyer IS the TriTrix. Since this is a very popular design for beginners and 'frugal' builders Parts Express (with Curt's permission) bundled all the parts needed to build the TriTrix together along with the other extras like stuffing and posts, etc. and is selling it as a kit under the name of Recession Destroyer but it IS the TriTrix. Not being anal about it, just letting you know what's what.

If you have a sub then there may not be much point in making the mains ported either though it does lend itself well since it needs a bigger box to being a floor stander which looks better IMO then speakers up on stands. And a rolled up sock stuffed into the port will make a ported enclosure into a sealed one real easy.
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