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My System Specs


Wow..That sounds like one big ball of complicated... Maybe I should just stick with the recession destroyer and a version of the Tritrix enclosure--perhaps the ported one.

Yes, my primary concern is sound quality. I can make my current speakers loud enough to make my ears hurt--it just doesn't sound particularly nice. It would also be handy if the speakers performed better specifically in producing dialogue in movies; sometimes the music just overtakes the dialogue. Now, I realize that some of that is due to receiver settings as well, but I get the feeling that some of it is how accurately (and non-muddily) my speakers can reproduce the sound.

EDIT: Just saw your post with the lists of parts and costs from Solen. Thanks! I'll take a peruse through all of that and post again!

EDIT 2: Wow...I looked at your first speaker build, and it's phenomenal! I wish my woodworking was that sophisticated; I'm just hoping to make something that isn't embarassing to display...

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