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Here's a short list of a few designs and what the parts would cost you at Solen. These prices are just the drivers, XO parts and some binding posts, it doesn't include the box. BUT... MDF is pretty cheap, so is ABS pipe for ports and stuffing/damping material can be a lot of things.... insulation, pillow stuffing, cotton balls, even seen shreaded news paper used before. I also limited the list to 8 Ohm designs.

Dreydels ~$300
TriTrix ~$220
Dayton II ~$210
Overnight Sensations ~$125
Classix ~$225 (two different XO flavours available)

Note the Overnight sensations only have a 4" driver in them but I hear they sound very nice. The Dreydels are what I built (that I linked to earlier). I included them because they use some very popular drivers that are used in many designs... this gives you an 'upgrade' path for the future - plus they are probably the best of the speakers listed. Again I have these speakers but only having a 5.5" driver they get a little thin in the upper bass when cranking some AC/DC before my sub picks up the bottom end. They do most types of music VERY well but hard rock isn't their best. So I found a 3-way design that uses these drivers plus a pair of 8"s (or maybe they're classed as 9's?) to get some more bottom end. Saves me at least having to re-buy a mid and tweet again so I'm only leaving behind the box. These are them:

That's a very short list of what's available. Here's a page that has links to a lot of speaker builders pages if you wanted to do some poking around. Oh and here's a link on how to make the crossovers form a published schematic.... from the designer of the TriTrix you were looking at no less.
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