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Lithotech - Well I know my CPU is a little dated for an 8800GTS but it works fantastic for me. Games are not really proving to be CPU limited because, for one, my CPU is OC'ed to 2.5GHz and second, I'm running them at 1680x1050 resolution. Most at very high settings (Day of Defeat / CS: Source, BF2). I ran the Crysis demo (in DX9 mode) at 1680x1050, all medium settings and was very happy with the performance and look of the game.

I am in the process of Stepping-Up my card with EVGA and moving to an 8800GT 512MB card. It's free besides shipping costs, can you blame me?!

Cpt. Vortex - I would really like to drill out those rivets and remove the HDD cage holder. Besides, I lost that HDD cage a looooong time ago! Whoops?!

I might just add that second 80mm fan up there when my 8800GT arrives. Looks like I might need some velcro stickers to attach the thing. I find my one front intake fan annoys me the most right now but it is a Thermaltake model....
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