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My System Specs


Thank you for all the responses. I suppose I really should have provided more info....

HalifaxPete: It looks like most of the stuff Solon has as kits is WAY above budget for me, but thank you.

TopDogZero: Maybe that's where I should be starting...Maybe if I knew WTF I was doing with crossovers, etc, I could just put together my own speaker kit...

Biff:I would love some help, as I'm clearly clueless. Yes, I am trying to work with a particular price point; I'm not exactly rolling in money, and I would like to be able to assemble a speaker set for around $200 total (including wood for cabinets). Yes, I know that's a pretty limited budget, but that's why I was looking at the Recession Destroyer (thanks for the correction) kit. As I have no idea how to assemble or tweak a crossover, I figured it would be a pretty good place to start.

For reference, I'm upgrading from a Sony HTIB, which puts out ~90w per channel @ 6ohms, and up to 140w for the front two. All I know about the speakers are that they're 2 7/8" cone style "full range" speakers. I figure it can't be hard to put together something more impressive in tower form.

Also, thanks for the link. The one I had been looking at was this one: Parts Express DIY Project

My only real complaints with it are: a) the opening in the back, as I have cats, and they would get in there (though I could always just put a screen on it) and b) size. I haven't got much room to work with, particularly in terms of width, and primarily at the base. It would be ideal if I could have a tower that allowed me to have the base sit underneath the subwoofer I have to the right of my TV, or somehow around it, so that I don't have thm sitting side by side and sticking out into the somewhat limited walking space I have to work with. My worry is that I also don't know much about how much air and space speakers require to perform properly. <sigh> Maybe I do just need to read up on the whole idea. Speaker building for dummies, perhaps? <laugh> Any advice would be appreciated.
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