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Vulcan, I'm into DIY speakers. From what I've read the RB kit is OK but not great. AFAIK they used up some existing 'prebuilt' crossovers and slightly modified them. I have seen alternative crossovers to make them sound better though. BTW the RB kit is from Madisound, Parts Express has the 'Recession Destroyer' which is a design from a very respected XO designer... though keep in mind they are cheapie drivers. I've used Solen a few times and they've been good to deal with.

You can part out the same kit from solen though it won't seem like as good of a deal but we're in Canada and things cost more anyway. If you want some help (or maybe ever steer you to a different design) let me know. If you're going to go through the effort of building boxes it might be worth it to consider a better design... unless ofcourse you're trying to reach a price point. Here's the actual write up of PE's RD kit, properly called the TriTrix.
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