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Originally Posted by Bu||etproof Skin View Post
OK here are some of mine. The case is an oldie but a goodie. Best wires I could do without cutting up the case. Specs in signature.
Wires? I don't see no stinkin' wires! Oh wait! There's one!

Ah, welp, I bet I could see a couple more if there was a shot from the rear angle.

Nice clean look, BP, those cases are real workhorses and they are certainly popular candidates for people cutting them up!

The question that is really burning me up is just how much overkill is that vid card for that system? I have the same basic setup with a 7900GT, and am very curious just how much improvement an 8800GTS would provide, or if it would be waiting for the CPU all the time?

I'm slowly working on my upgrade to a Conroe, currently bench testing the mobo/cpu/ram with an old 6800GS. The one part I don't have is the vid card, and was holding out for a 8800GT. In any case, I'd be seriously tempted to drop the vid card in my current system for some benchmark goodness along with a few evenings of gaming before passing it along to the new system. I've decided to keep my old system as a work machine since it has all my work on it and would be a PITA to migrate all the data over -- this way the new system would remain a gaming only rig for the time being, and allow for a faster and easier swap since I only need to have a vanilla OS install with a few favorite games.

My old (currently current) system could serve as a second gaming rig for some time to come, if it can take an 8xxx series vid without being a waste. I can use the 7900GT in one of the kid's systems here.

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