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Default UPS question

I am planning on buying a UPS soon, probably this one from APC
although not necessarily from futureshop. I was wondering if anyone had any links to sites which would help me calculate the power consumption of my hardware. I plan to run two or three systems off of the UPS, from the top, a Core 2 Duo E6750 with 4x320 gig HDs, an ATI X1650 Video card, 4 gigs of ram, which is powered by a Seasonic 650W PSU. The other two systems are older, a 1.6 P4 Willamette which has two IDE HDs and an Nvida 7600 GT AGP card. This one has a 450 wat PSU. Last system which I may or may not use is an old Compaq Celeron 2.6 which also has two HDs and a PCI video card. I only want the UPS to keep them powered for a very short time, I'm hoping to rig up the USB auto shutdown for them so they turn off when the UPS has to power them off the battery. I'm not sure if I am even posting this in the right place but any help is welcome.
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