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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Kayen View Post
I don't know much about / give a crp about i7/i5 builds but here's my input: - Buy Silverstone RV02B-W Raven 2 Black ATX Gaming Case 8X5.25 3X3.5INT 1X2.5INT No PS - RV02B-W In Canada.
Raven 2 is on sale, not sure if it's better than the original raven or not.

Good luck (: .
I like how the front of the original Raven looks as the 2nd one looks just like a normal case.

Originally Posted by crazyhorsejohnny View Post
Bud I hope you're using Price Match option. Just the CPU you can get for $331.79 instead of $340.60. And do you really nead 3x WD Caviar Blacks 1TB ? Take that $100 and spend it on the case.
unfortunately I do need 3 terabytes of storage as I almost have 2 terabytes full of movies, anime and music not to mention a crap ton of stock photography I use for school and will eventually use for work (after I graduate)

my current drives are a little older and are starting to crap out, my plan is to eventually have a NAS setup instead of having all that storage just in my one computer then anyone on the network can access the files.

which case would you suggest instead of the Raven? and yes I would be using the price match option or getting premier partner at NCIX.

originally I was going to go with a mountain mods case which I want later on when I go water cooling, just not sure how long till I go water cooling though as I have read that it can be a lengthy process till you get it right.
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