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My System Specs


Went and picked up my special delivery from Dazmode after work. Let's see what Mr. Postman brought me this time…

Oh! It's an EK Multioption reservoir! Daz happens to sell the parts individually, so I couldn't help building my own:
  • 140mm tube
  • Top/bottom
  • Anti-cyclon add-in
  • 2x Reservoir holders (which are a bit loose, actually... gonna need to tape 'em up)
Let's see it in action! I just balanced it on the backplane cover for the photo, but it should fit nicely between the edge of the motherboard and the 5.25" bays:

But that's not all! To top it all off, we have the magnificent EK-D5 X-Top Rev. 2 (which was all greasy for some reason…). While this will provide a bit of a performance boost over the stock top on the D5, it's also a necessity, since the D5 won't fit unmodified in the 800D's bottom compartment. A test placement in the bottom:

It's like it was made to go there! Should have plenty of room to manage my tubing without restricting the intake fan's airflow too much.

Stay tuned for more watercooling goodness as I wait for my money to travel through all the necessary banks before arriving in my Paypal account. USPS says my fans & compression fittings from Sidewinder have just cleared customs, so with any luck those should be here this week
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