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Default Short Stroke RAID0 vs SSD

I'm starting to look into what I am going to be doing with my next rig, but I wasn't sure about storage. I need around 100-200GB for all my games and programs. The two options I am considering are:

4 x Seagate 500GB 7200.12 short stroked to 50GB each in RAID0 - $220 for 200GB
120GB OCZ Vertex - $400 for 120GB

I am leaning towards the short stroked array as I get a lot more space for almost half the price. I was just looking for second opinions on whether it would be worth the extra $180 for the SSD. (I am in university right now so my money isn't exactly burning a money in my pocket).

The computer will be used for primarily gaming but regular computer use as well. It wont be run 24/7, only when I am using it.
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