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Default Wanted: Netbook/Small Notebook

Must be small and relatively inconspicuous (13.3" or under, preferably around 10 or 11). Must have a relatively long battery life so that I can take notes in 480 or so minutes worth of classes with the brightness at 50% so I can FREAKING SEE WHAT'S ON THE SCREEN. I don't need a whole lot of storage so like a lower-end 4GB or 8GB one will suffice, but 120GB+ preferred. SSD is not an asset but it's always kind of nice . Preferrably without stupid useless 1.3mp webcam or 3G support, or Bluetooth even...That's real, real, real lame . Any make will do. My price range is $450 MAX. But if you can entice me Ill go higher.

I'm really, really, REALLY sh*tty at shopping for very "lineup overkill" things like netbooks. There's a whole whack of people that make netbooks. And each one of those guys usually has a whole whack of different models with all kinds of stupid cr*p that's real hard to comparison shop with in their...roster, or cache, or w/e. I hope I don't sound too demanding, this is meant to be as kind of an impolite but semi-humorous plea for help, people XD.
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