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Default Project: Chronos

Well, I'm finally getting tired of waiting. It's been six years now since I've built a new machine for myself, and after building new machines for friends and family all year I can't resist the temptation any longer. I've decided to borrow money out of my RESP to start the build, rather that biding my co-op paychecks and starting it a month from now

I've decided to name the project after the Greek personification of time, Chronos, as this build has been in the making (and out of my reach) since the beginning of the year. Normally that wouldn't be that long to wait, but once Corsair announced the 800D with its seemingly forever-elusive release date, the days just seemed to drag on. However, now the time is near! This week or the next, the parts will have been purchased, and the build shall commence.

Though I don't have much at the moment, I thought I would take the time to reserve a spot of my own in the Worklog forum. Here's a quick shot I took to whet your appetites:

  • Corsair Obsidian 800D
  • i7 920 D0
  • Feser X-changer 360
  • Heatkiller 3.0 (in the box)

Stay tuned folks, the best is yet to come

EDIT: After much waiting, finally an air-cooled incarnation of Chronos arises. Behold!

Stay tuned the next week or two for Chronos' ascension to water cooling

EDIT: A month later, the water cooling ball finally starts rolling. The blocks have been installed, now the system just needs to be plumbed, filled and tested, which will all happen tomorrow if things go according to plan.

EDIT: Just according to plan, with the water cooling system finally up and running, Project Chronos is now finally complete. What a ride that was, let me tell you.

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