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Originally Posted by mo' power View Post
Wait a minute... Is this the same European Commission (EU) that socked Microsoft for somewhere around a billion dollars in fines for the same reason? It's been a good decade for those leeches. It seems that any non-EU multi-billion dollar corporation that doesn't heed their wishes gets smacked in the face and ordered to pay up or else. The EC is now whining that internet explorer that comes bundled with windows is anti competitive. For f_ _ k sakes! If you don't like it, don't use it! The European Union is acting like a spoiled little child and should be spanked! In my opinion, this newest witch hunt against Intel is tantamount to extortion. Microsoft has already stated that IE will not be shipped with Windows 7 to Europe (named Windows 7E) The european consumers suffer this time.
Everytime massive fines like this are paid, we the cosumer end up paying for it. Usually by increased prices or quality of the products we purchase.
If the EC doesn't like Intel, Microsoft and the way they do business, why don't they pool their trillions of euro, use their european collective mind and create some tech of their own instead being the schoolyard bully? I wonder if the money from all these fines gets distributed to the companies who either are feeling the pinch or say they are.
By no means am I saying there are no underhanded tactics going on. All I'm saying is if it's happening on a small scale the EC doesn't appear interested. As soon as a potential payoff has more than seven 0's at the end of the figure, they're all over it. The tech industry is a cutthroat business and as such there will always be some companies getting injured as a result. If corporations like Microsoft and Intel can't stand up to the EC, who can?
Amen there mo'power, probably couldn't have come close to saying it better then that
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