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My System Specs


Originally Posted by frosty View Post
I wonder what the temp diff's would be between this unit and a 9700 Zalman air cooled fan?? think it would be more than a few degrees???

right now the CPU sits at 30degree's and the system at 29 degrees. PC wizard is showing a 1 degree difference. Do you think the Swiftech kit could lower those numbers considerably?? My main watercooling direction has been severely cut in budget.
Your in the same boat as me. Both have E6600s and Antec 900s. Don't know if I really want to fork out the money for a full setup, especially when I see something like this for $130. From the reviews I've read, it seems better suited for quad-cores. Using Swiftech's calculator thing on their site, the predicted temps aren't going to be much better.
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