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Default Headset and Speaker...

Well this is really an odd question but here it is!

Just sold my old Tritton AX51 headset since I wasn't using them and well... I bought a new pair (Ah... the crime). Yes, I couldn't resist for those nice Sennheiser PC350... at a great price too. So here's the question, I have a surround speaker right next to my screen (You will see in the pictures). I want to hang them around the speaker. It is the perfect place to put them away. But before doing that I wanted some to know if it would damage the headset. Since inside that surround speaker there is magnet... I am no expert in that field. Also, since there a small pression on the ear cup, will the ear cup foam be squished over time?

Odds questions eh? Check the pictures, and everything will be clear.

Thanks a lot!
System | Ragnarok
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Video Card EVGA GeForce GTX 780
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