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My System Specs


The front rad has a fan on both sides, but the heatercore hanging off the back only has the 1 fan. That is actually 7/16" ID tubing and it is the smallest I'd feel comfortable running. Full load I keep my CPU under40C and my GPU has yet to see 35C even highly overclocked to 575MHz core (stock is 450). I have a MCW60-T GPU block (built in TEC) that I am prepping to use on a 7900GTX I am in the middle of RMAing so I am gonna move the single 120MM heatercore on the back to the inside of th case replacing the front rad and I am gonna hang a dual 120MM heatercore off the back of the case where the current 120MM heatercore is. As you can tell, I cannot stand air cooling and I feel it is not worth the effort to get mediocre results using air compared to the excellent results I get from water. Although I do admit that the amount of setup time does make water more of a hobby than requirement.
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