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I'll look into G-skill ram. I hadn't really considered it because Memory Express doesn't carry that brand. I have considered going intel again, but think I'd like to go with AMD again, I'd need to see some power consumption numbers to really help me decide, and those are harder to find; at least for me. That's kinda why I'd like to go with the 550. (Actually, I have mostly made up my mind about that, so I'd need compelling evidence to change it). Can anyone recomend an effective and quiet CPU cooler, or an effective cooler and a quiet fan? I build as a hobby and am in a rural area so don't have ready access to a good store nor do I have the experience with them to know what works well and is quiet and what just looks fancy and has good marketing. I have had good luck with Thermal Right aftermarket GPU coolersbut that's the extent of it.

@Misterd: You're probably right, I only need 4 Sata, I do like the flexibility of having more options though

And does anyone know if there's a retailer in Canada that carries Lian-Li HTPC cases in the plain brushed aluminum finish? Has Lian-Li stopped making them?
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