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Default Computer case / chasis with locking front door and side panel?

In the market for a child proof case - small or medium - for a Core I7 build.. was hoping for some opinions.

Only options I'm aware of in terms of consumer cases are:

1. Antec Sonata III. Anyone have a fully working Sonata II or III case for sale :)

2. Lian-Li PC-B10:
Lian-Li PC-B10

Lian Li's case is sweet but on the pricy side. The Antec Sonata series case would do but that horizontal bar just beneath the PSU is quite annoying. I've built a few systems with the Sonata II cases.. and because of that bar, you need to have the PSU in first before the installing the HSF. But with the PSU in place.. space is quite tight.

Any other options??
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