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Default HTPC build


Long time lurker, first time poster (even so I'm not really sure if this should go in this section or in the builds section).
What I've come to ask is for your collective wisdom about HTPC builds and advice on parts. I've got some parts already (HIS HD 4350, Auzentech Xplosion cinema, logitech Dinovo edge keyboard) but I'm looking for suggestions on the rest so let's get right into it. What I'm looking for with most parts is low power draw and heat buildup for the buck.

I kinda favor AMD, but the brand isn't as important to me as performance combined with low heat, I'm kinda thinking about a phenom II 550 but I'm open to suggestions

So far I've managed to narrow it down to 3 products by silverstone, an LC17S, an LC16G-MR and a CW01S-R. I have no special loyalty to silverstone but those are available through either Newegg or NCIX. I do like the brushed aluminum look without too much paint, and the size of those cases (all can take an ATX board I believe) is only because of the...

I don't got a friggin clue what's best. ATX/MATX?? I wanna have firewire, at least 8 sata, and good quality now gimme your best shot.

Hard Drive:
I'm wondering about running 2.5" drives b/c less heat and power draw but my assumptions may make an ass out of me. I'd like around 1.0-1.5TB, likely WD b/c seagate has me wound up with irrational worries

Optical Drive:
I'm partial to pioneer drives. I've been unhappy with LG drives and have little experience with other makes

something good and modular would be best (with as close the the power draw I'll need)

probably around 3 gig to have a nice bit of room to work

CPU Cooler:
go with stock (I'm not much of an overclocker) or go with something fancy and passive, help me decide.

I usually try to get most of my parts from Memory Express in Edmonton, have never bought from NCIX or Newegg, but there's always a first time... and that's about it.

Lemme know what you think.
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