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Default IE7 fails to load new pages when multiple tabs are open

I have been puzzling over a problem on our home computer for some time now and would like see if this august audience can assist. The patient is a newly built PC with a fresh copy of WinXP Home SP2 and IE7. All Microsoft patches are installed and no updates are outstanding.

Symptoms: Google a topic in the first tab and then ctl-click on a link from the results to open a second tab. More than 80% of the time, three bars appear in the progress display ot the bottom of the browser window and then the second tab pops a "Page Not Found" error. Click on refresh and the page is immediately available.

In about 50% of the cases, clicking on a search results link to open in the same tab also results in a "Page Not Found" which clears immediately on a refresh.

It almost seems like a slow responding website is not getting enough time to respond before IE7 is declaring a page error. (The progress bars at the bottom only go part way across.)

Fix Attempts:
I suspected a browser add-on to be the source of the problem so ran IE7 with all add-ons disabled. The issue disappears. There are a ton of add-ons visible via the add-on manager but I can't tell whether they are problematic or not. Thinking that I have some kind of malware issue, I ran through a cleaning cycle with SPYBOT, McAFEE, ADAWARE and other utilities. All came up clean.

BTW - I don't get this problem with any of the 3 other machines using the home network and sharing the broadband connection.

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