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As the others have said, it will be very hard to manage all that with your budget. I picked some parts to make a cheap built and while it would play wow without problems, you would have to sacrifice many things.

I would suggest doing like Perineum said, sometimes people are almost willing to pay u to take their old CRT... No, seriously, u can get them dirt cheap.
Also, mention where you live because then you could grab some parts from the BST section of the forum.

Here is an example:
Whole system 400$ from Gingerbee


Intel E6300 Core 2 Duo from Himynameis 30$
Gigabyte GA-965p-DS3 from Himynameis 60$
Antec EA500 from 5ILVEgeARX 45$ + shipping
Visiontek 2600XT from cb2222 25$ (+ shipping ?)
160gb Seagate HDD from cb2222 25$ (+ shipping ?)
OCZ PC2-6400 2x2gb from bigjee 50$
LG Flatron 19in from DunF88 100$

And complete with
Microsoft XP / Vista / Win7 starting at 110$
Antec 300 for 49.99

Total 495 + some shipping and taxes and add your keyboard and mouse


Whole system for 800$ from kcksteve
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