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Wow, what is it about the ad that makes it tough for everyone? You say that it adds too much to signatures? Remove the 'view signature' option in user CP and you've just freed up a bunch of space for ads! In fact, you've probably just improved your viewing experience by getting rid of the 'gaudy' text. They barely have a picture, and its the same one so it shouldn't affect load times. How does it make the site impossible to read with a phone? Most times only 1 post fits on the screen at once on a phone, so just scroll a little more to get past it when scrolling down the page?

Even if this wasn't a part of their sponsored deals, something they don't have to supply for you, this is an entirely free site that they don't have to supply to you. I'd support this even if it wasn't specifically intended to give us better deals in the end simply because it would keep this site going and keep it free. I know people really hate change, but really, how much changed here? I find it odd that I paid 6, maybe 7 seconds total of attention to it and it seems to be a huge stopping point for others.
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