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My System Specs


That makes no sense to me, and I have never seen this behaviour. If it happens to me it is always because the vmware obtained a different IP addres from the router, as zero pointed out.

Try using the name of the vmware folding client instead of the IP address (ie. \\Fold-d2a5\c\etc\folding\1\). To get the name (ie. Fold-d2a5), check your computer's "My Network Places" (XP) or similar on Vista (I forget what this is called in vista and 7..on an XP machine now). I also make sure that each of the vmware clients are in the same workgroup as my computers. This is done in the same config page of the vmware client where you entered your username, and team number. Try this if you don't see the computers in the "My Network Places" to obtain the name.

As for fahmon changing the locations, I cannot help you with that if I can't duplicate the issue and have never seen or heard of it.
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