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Originally Posted by Taz View Post
Hey, having a tiny problem with FahMon. Often when I start it the two VMWare clients (have a quad core processor, using VMWare to fold 2 instances with 2 cores each) show up as black, as having errors. I've discovered (FINALLY!!) that this is because FahMon changes the IP address for them, from .104 and .105 to anything as random as .106 to .109 (the last three digits are all that changes). Any explanation or fix for this? It's only slightly annoying that I have to edit those two clients each time I want to see my PPD on them, but still annoying nontheless.
FahMon isn't changing the IP addresses, your router is doing it because you have the clients set to use DHCP. Go into the configuration for the VMs and set each one to have a static IP address. That will fix your problem.
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