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If you're going to go bigger, I would spend another $100 or so and pick up a 24" VA model instead of the TN. $180 is hardly worth an extra 2" and a higher resolution when you can get those same features w/o the drawbacks of a TN panel for $280.

Originally Posted by Zertz View Post
If you have the money go for the 24 inch, no matter what they say... size matters!

I'm not sure about gaming at that resolution with this card though.
In this case, size also can play a negative role. As you may know, when you view an image from above or especially below a TN panel, the image gets significantly darker and the colours shift. While this is not a huge issue on smaller screens when you're sitting directly at the screen, it can become an issue on the larger screens as the angle between the center and top/bottom can be great enough to notice the flaws of a TN panel. Now, this will obviously vary depending on several things; how close you're sitting to the monitor, if you're sitting w/ your face dead center and perfectly perpendicular to the screen, etc. Also, as you mentioned, the higher resolution may also be detrimental to his gaming experience if his hardware is not up to the task.

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