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thanks guys

Originally Posted by Babrbarossa View Post
Amazing- do you think that RAID and/or raptors would trim that back much more? I know that they're overrated, but I'd like to know by how much.
with the tweaked setup i run my SPi with, raptors wouldn't do a damn thing...i don't think. with an un-tweaked setup, Raptors may help the slightest bit with 32M benching but even then i couldn't be sure.

Originally Posted by enaberif View Post
Hahahah look at that CPU voltage .. 1.6v!
1.6v is nothing, the processor is at -40C. i didn't think a vCORE mod was going to be necessary for phase benching but i think i might be able to get more out of it over 1.7v, even on phase.

i am still waiting on word about my copper CPU pot but if it doesn't look to be anytime soon, then i might just have a session with the aluminum pot i have now to see if i can get that sub-10min 32M. this chip produces a lot less heat than my E6600 so the temp swings with the aluminum pot at 1.75v might be small enough to get 32M ran at around 4.9GHz me thinks.

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