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Default F@H Error

[18:57:43] Folding@home Core Shutdown: UNSTABLE_MACHINE
[18:57:47] CoreStatus = 7A (122)
[18:57:47] Sending work to server
[18:57:47] Project: 5766 (Run 11, Clone 330, Gen 1021)

[18:57:47] + Attempting to send results [September 15 18:57:47 UTC]
[18:57:47] + Results successfully sent
[18:57:47] Thank you for your contribution to Folding@Home.
[18:57:51] EUE limit exceeded. Pausing 24 hours.

What would cause these errors (UNSTABLE_MACHINE and EUE limit exceeded)?

Also, when I try to restart the client I get a message saying my GPU isn't supported...Any ideas?

Second Also, I'm currently connected via Remote Desktop so I can't check my card. Do you think the cards dead?
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