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Yea, The B-110 (the motherboard option) is around that price.
Theres a new popcorn hour out.... C-200 for 300 USD.
Theres also the a-110 I think it goes for around 250.
Theres a popcorn knockoff in the states called from egreat EG-m34a I think its goes for around 160USD. There is also a whole slew of other options. (Oplay, Dune HD, Playon, Mvix ...)
Of course I think you could probably build something once you are in the $300+ range. Especially if you have a few old parts lying around.
I think the WD is a good choice - I think it can be had for around a 100 bucks, not much to lose there if it doesnt do what you want. Maybe someone here has one and could vouch for it, I'm thinking more ease of use. Sounds like it plays most anything thrown at it.
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