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Default Stream to a .... what?

Hi all, just wondering what your suggestions would be for an all-in-one media streamer box (to receive a stream from a PC) that could work in the same way my PS3 Media Server + PS3 do? A friend of mine would like to find a cheap solution to watch movies/tv/anime (divx/xvid and mkv, possibly some high-def stuff) which are being streamed from his PC (decent-enough 775 system). Any suggestions?
I've only ever used my PS3 to do this but he doesn't want something "power-hungry" like that. Admittedly, his AV cabinet has almost no air, so a console would just get too hot in there.

Im looking at something like this: - Buy Western Digital WD TV WDTV HD Media Player HDMI USB 2.0 Composite A/V SPDIF Out MKV H.264 Xvid - WDAVN00BN In Canada.
BUT I dont know which program could stream to it, DivX Connected possibly? TVersity (bleh, never liked it)? A PS3 Media Server alternate perhaps? Thanks for you ideas guys.

Nevermind the WDTV... looks like it can only play local content... nothing over the network AFAIK.
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