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Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
I don't think I've ever seen an internal USB / Firewire card before.... is there a stated purpose for it?
No, and the weird thing is at least half of the USB/firewire cards have them, no idea why.

Extra weird is that it has 2 internal USB headers to attach your front panel stuff (great if you have none or not enought on your mobo), but no firewire header, just the connector...

I bought it cause the ds3L mobo has no firewire and I use this comp with my camcorder, it also has external usb/firewire as well.

I thought my use for the extra internal slot was pretty good, it would be a whole lot cooler if readyboost made a difference

If anyone want to try it out my card was only like 12 bux brand new shipped off ebay...

Any ideas on cable management, or am I just too limited by the case/powersupply?
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