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I can't say enough good stuff about this company (Angstrom). I was looking for the center channel and went out to Mississauga looking for one. The store I went to doesn't carry them in stock and usually only orders whenn needed, ( most of the buyers are architects etc using their in wall speakers). So I decided to head to the Markham office and check them out. It isn't exactly open to the public, at least not without arranging for a meeting before hand. This is their warehouse, office and testing place. The guy was nice enough to let me in. I got to look around and talk with him for a while. He then sold me the center channel for a reduced price! You don't get service like that anymore I tell you. Not only that but he had just gotten back from vacation that day and I know he had a ton of stuff to catch up on. That didn't stop him from taking about an hour out of his day to answer all questions I had. I also was one of the few who got to see the new set of speakers they are working on. Too bad I didn't have any time for a listening session.

My only complaint is that I'm moving in a few months and I won't be unpacking my speakers, Oppo BDP-83 and Emotiva UPA-7 power amplifier until then. All this beautiful equipment just sitting in boxes :( I should also mention how amazing Emotiva is. They are an American company that you buy direct from and offer astounding equipment at unheard of prices. By far the best price/performance company out there right now. Anyone seriously into audio but have a limited budget (like myself) should definitely check them out.
Emotiva Audio: Audiophile Quality Multi Channel Amplifiers, Stereo Preamplifiers, Audio/Video Processors, and Award Winning Speaker Systems At Direct Prices

Sorry if I've hijacked the thread a little.

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