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Originally Posted by mo' power View Post
I don't know how to angle led's for directional lighting, but you could do a mod to incorporate cold cathodes. You could dremel out 5" sections behind that grille and mount short cold cathodes behind the dremeled holes. I believe ncix sells 5" cathodes. Make sure not to dremel out the holes that the retaining tabs fit into.
Cold cathodes have solid square ends and if you're careful you can round them off with your dremel to make mounting easier on contoured surfaces.
You could dremel out two 5" sections with a few inches in between each section. That would look pretty cool as the grille would hide any dremelling imperfections once it's refastened.
I actually like that idea,didn't think of something like that. So, like.. a 5" dremmeld strip? maybie a 1/4" wide?

@Dr_BenD_over: Ok. but how would I mount those? I'm not too bad with a soldering iron, but how or where do I get the board for those LED's?
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