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My System Specs


@tyreman: The manufacturer's test (Seatools) gives me the same result. I tried a short test which failed 2 / 2 times, then a long test which passed. Note that SMART was NOT tripped on the drive; I only discovered the issue because I set Ubuntu to run short tests on a schedule.

Anyway I had a 250 GB SATA drive lying around so I put that in and let the computer rebuild the raid 1 array on it. (resulting in a very strange software RAID with 1 IDE and 1 SATA drive). I didn't want to take chances with a drive containing a Subversion repo, since I read those can self-corrupt on a working disk.

Thanks for the advice / interesting to hear stories of some users tripping SMART and still losing nothing. The last two times my drive tripped a SMART warning (to the point where the BIOS is yelling), I had to reinstall my OS. ...then there was the Fujitsu drive which was eating my OS yet passing the manufacturer's test
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