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Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
Bad move. There are so many other viable options other than an FX-60 it isn't even funny. My lowely X2 3800+ is running at 2.7Ghz (Soon to be 2.8) and can kick the pants straight off of an FX-60.

Add to that the fact the Tiger Direct has a NEARLY COMPLETE system consisting of:

ATX Case
MSI RX480 Mobo
450W PSU

I am left wondering how well your friend researched his purchase.


If you wanted to keep the 939 platform the FX60 would be the final and best upgrade for that system. The 60 will blow the doors off a 3800, specially when overclocked. ( Had mine at 3.5 stable) $300 is a good fair price for the best of the last socket.

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