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My System Specs


The issue lies somewhere else... your OC is not stable. The Gigabyte boards have a Dual BIOS and it protects itself when an oc is unstable by booting with default values. If you're testing your Ram, either lower the multiplier, loosen the timings or increase the Volts then reboot. I'm pretty sure it will work. From what I have read, the Reapers are not great oc'ers though...

And just a hint, lower the CPU multi and raise the FSB. You'll have better overall performance and may help oc'ing higher. Example:

10 x 340 = 3400
9 x 378 = 3402
8 x 424 = 3400

Check out my sig and the E6400. Default is 8 x 266, but its running at 7 x 490Mhz (3.43Ghz).

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