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Originally Posted by qwerty View Post
I agree that this would be helpful but IMHO think that it should be it's own forum subsection someplace.

I also think that all perspective RMA's should be pm'd to a mod or the Admin to be added to a locked sticky to not have to wade through a spam fest to find useful information. After all our time is much more valuable then that...isn't it? I know that I don't want to wade through 2 pages of spam to get to the next RMA detail.

Then have an open forum under the sticky to post their experience of said RMA giving forum users the ability to post at will...maybe a link within the sticky post to the persons regular forum post on his experience...that would make it easy and organized IMHO.

Just a suggestion...flame away.

I can appreciate why you think that... but the search option makes this thread very useful. Its why there is a formula to this thread.

And making a locked thread of it would be even worse.

Also... when people post on this thread just to say they think its stupid, I consider that spam. If you don't want it crowded, don't crowd it.
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