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Originally Posted by Babrbarossa View Post
My dilemma is this- if I buy the mcw60 without the ramsinks, I don't get the 52 dollar sale price so my total is 42 (block)+ 44 (kit) = 86 plus tax and shipping = 100 bucks

If I can get a hold of three more ramsinks, my price is 52 (block)+12 (mc21's) = 64 plus tax and shipping = 74 bucks, so I'd be saving 26 bucks- I was waffling about buying the gpu cooler initially, so now that it might cost me 26 dollars more, I'm more iffy about it.
You can still buy the MCW60 and buy the extra ramsinks with the Mosfet coolers. I am not one for spending more money than I have to but if I were in your position, I would buy the oackage with all the heatsinks. Why? Because there are too many "iffs" involved with getting another 3 Swiftech ramsinks.
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