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Default Pics of my first decent rig

Hi all, I have built a few PC's before, except for a celeron system I built for my mom they were all peiced together from old rigs given to me, great way to learn, but the results would never wow anyone.

My last rig that I built was a P-IIIs 1266mhz 512k system that was fast as a bullet with win 98, but for whatever reason on XP it runs like a pig, I still use it to play divx on my plasma though, works fine for that as long as you turn it on 10 min before and wait for it to boot (I think its kinda borke that way but whatever)

Next I bought a p4 520 based system from HP, was going to build my own but could not compete with the price of a reconditioned HP, 600 bucks and a $300 x800xl and I had a great system for a grand, still play all my games on it for now. But it won't let you touch squat in the locked BIOS so I decided to build a core 2 system.

Here it is!:

Antec Sonata III case
Antec Earthwatts 500w (thks to Hrdwr cnks review!)
c2d e6750 2.66ghz
Gigabyte p35-DS3L
OCZ Gold PC@-6400 5-5-5-15
Diamond x1950pro with A/C Accelero S1 + turbo mod (30C idle/40C full load!)
Noctua NC-U6 chipset cooler with Scythe 40mm
Noctua 120mm + Antec tricool
WD SE16 250GB + 500GB
Samsung 20x SATA

With this setup I get CPU idle/load temps of 27C/48C, system temps of 32/34. HDD temps 32/37 and ambient of 38/44. I used prime 95 + atitool at the same time to load it up.

Not too shabby I think at least considering it is REALLY quiet...

here are some pics and then I swear Im done!

This is it, wish I knew how to tidy up the cables more, but there are only so many places to hide that spaghetti

This is my a/c freezer 7 pro (again thanks to HWC :D ), look how flippin big that accelero s1 is! Also the noctua chipset cooler and a mini kaze

This is just a shot of my "sneaky" readyboost thumbdrive on my $8 firewire/usb card, all that for a .0001% speed boost, I had bought the drive for work but the U3 crap on it made it incompatible with my work equip, so it was free ;)

Mobo GA-Z77X-UD3 CPU i5-3570K stock RAM:2x4GB Patriot Viper 1866 1.5v GPU:XFX HD6850 BE + Gigabyte HD6850 @820/4400MHz Case:Bitfenix Raider w/2x 200mm + 135mm PSU: Corsair HX620

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