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Originally Posted by Scratch View Post
Although my name is not on the list I must apologize for my absence as I was the one that began the Rosetta Team to begin with.
I am in deep shit financially and I have been dealing with my friend's father dying of cancer for the past 5 months. As both my parents are gone I have been his counsel since the onset.
He will be passing in the next day or so and his wife was just informed her uncle was diagnosed with the same condition yesterday.
I do what I can where I can and will be up as soon as is possible

PS we still need a folding emote!
All the best Scratch! We're wishing you all the strength in the world as you'll need it!
Hardcore Folding at it's BEST! HWC - TPU.... There can be only one team in front! TPU, can you smell our *sses already?
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