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Originally Posted by calyth View Post
I'm quite concerned for my 8800GTX because the stock temperature for the card is quite high while gaming. I've use the nVidia Control Panel to change the fan speed, but the settings do not persist through reboot.

So i'm thinking, I'll probably get the Thermalright HR03 Plus for the card, and I will pair it with the 92mm fan. Getting the right fan isn't too big of a concern - other than it not making the level of noise as the old Deltas, but I don't have a clue of a decent fan controller that could be mounted on a 5.25" bay. Ideally, it would fit on my Antec P182 and the door closes.

Any suggestion would be appreciated, and hope I put this in the right forum.
Fan controllers are for people who have fans that are loud due to buying a wrong fan :P Buy Yate Loons or Scythes and you'll be fine.

In regards to the hr-03 on a 8800GTX do a search its been done and works well but will make your GTX about as thick as 6-7" with the fan.
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